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Career Opportunities

Whether your a fresh graduate, or a veteran in the sales department. We want to hear from you. We have lots of different opportunities in our customer service, sales, recruitment and administration position. As the fastest growing company in the sector we are always looking for new talent to help up stabilise our growth. 

Viva Solutions

Nurturing talent is where we specialise.  Spending time with good leaders will help you develop and progress. Get in touch to find out about the following roles. 

Entry Level Sales

This role is for our staff members who have minimal experience. You might be working in hospitality or retail and be looking to take the next step in your career. 


If you are a sales guru then we are always looking for sales trainers. Come and help us inspire the next wave of sales guns coming through the ranks. 

Sales Manager

Expansion is what drives our business forward. With recent growth we are needing more managers to help us oversee our campaigns. If you have management experience and are great at working with people then we want to hear from you. 

Tele Sales

Whiz kid on the phones? Maybe you are coming from another sales role and looking for something fresh and fun. Come and help us create a fun culture in our tele sales team. 

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