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Viva Solutions Team

Meet the team 

Our team is what makes working with Viva so easy. Check out what some of our staff members have to say about their experiences working with us. Whether its the skills they are learning or the fun work culture there is always a positive story coming from the Viva crew. 



Team trainer 

Believe it or not, I use to be a fairly quiet guy who just took life one step at a time. since I’ve come to Viva I’ve indulged in the amazing work culture here that has really helped me with focusing on the big picture. The goals we share inspire me to look forward to every day. Working for Viva has enabled myself to work on important skills like interpersonal and leadership skills all whilst witnessing amazing attitudes.



Sales Agent

What makes Viva stand out from anywhere else I’ve ever worked is how much they invest in mentoring their team. The consistent positivity and motivation that every team member brings to the table is one of my favourite things about this place. Being surrounded by these people has been a driving force that's pushed me to achieve things for myself beyond my initial expectations, propelling me to excel and strive for higher achievements.
The core values and mindset instilled by Viva have played such a pivotal role in my growth in all aspects of my life. 
In essence, Viva has not only equipped me with valuable skills but has also instilled a mindset that I believe will continue to shape my journey for years to come.



Exec Manager

Working for Viva as a trainer has challenged me to improve my communication and leadership skills 
This has helped me sharpen my focus, set and manage goals in both my professional and personal life and encouraged me to pursue new opportunities in sales, leadership and management.



Sales Agent

With Viva I’ve been able to develop my sales skills from day 1, coming in with no sales experience to be at a point I’m consistently hitting high numbers.

This has then given me the opportunity to develop a wide variety of skills from public speaking and networking to teaching, training and crew management. 



Sales Agent

The thing ive enjoyed most about working with Viva is the healthy band of successful people you have surrounding you. Viva will forever make me grateful for everything i have in life and provide me with all the tools necessary to make me the best version of myself and help me achieve all my goals! I'm a much happier, driven and independent person who thrives in a competitive environment and succeeds in hitting my goals. 

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I've worked with Viva for a while now and I have enjoyed every opportunity that has been given to me-The skills that the managers have taught me have enabled me to master these skills in the business industry and in day to day life.
My goal in the future is to grow my team and to expand my knowledge of the business industry.



Sales Agent

The best park about working at Viva has been being able to work in an environment where everyone is just as motivated and supportive. The team pushes you to be better not just in terms of great work ethic but also pushes you to be a better person in general. The mindset you gain through working with Viva benefits and travels across all areas of your life. 




After two years of moving away from Italy I joined Viva not knowing what to expect.
What I found there is of incommensurable value: mentors to guide me up close and a team that supports one another and strive to thrive together. I am growing in all aspect of my life because of who I am surrounded with and I couldn’t be more thrilled to see what lies ahead.



Recruitment Team

Moving to this country from Germany in 2020 by myself I only expected to meet new people and have great experiences for a couple of months
I’ve never dreamed of being able to find a team that supports me so much that I was able to settle in a foreign country. The support in not just work aspects but also personal growth. 
Through the help of the managers as well as, inspiring trainers I was able to develop more confidence, communication skills and independence.
Building amazing relationships with everyone in the company and a caring work environment have created a healthy work life balance and I’ve been able to make great friends for myself. 
Excited to meet even more awesome people and the years ahead.




After moving to Australia in early 2023 from the UK, I wanted to be part of a workplace that values each member of the team equally, and provides constant support and encouragement to develop and grow as a person and professionally, and Viva has been exactly that. I have learnt not only how to develop my skillset within sales, but also how to pass as much of that skillset and knowledge onto the next person. Viva has also had a great impact on my personal life, enabling me to strive to hit the goals I've set, and to do it with confidence and trust in myself. I could not have chosen a better place to kickstart a career within the sales industry than Viva.

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